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Shamanic healing:

Shamanic healing takes place in a sacred space where we meet healing spirits and draw in light living energy. In this space you can free yourself from trauma karmic ties, bad habits, old stories, issues from your lineage and heavy energies (hucha - or heavy living energy that is slowed down or becomes stagnant or blocked, and so is perceived as heavy or dense energy).

Shamanic healing from the Andean or Inca tradition is particularly helpful if you wish to explore who you are on a soul level and restore balance within yourself and your relationships on all levels.

The shamanic healing from the High Andes is based on three main pillars:

Ayni: In Quechua, the language of the Inca's, means reciprocal energy interchange between the self (or a group) and the living universe. Combining intention with personal power to influence the energy field of the living universe in thought, word, and deed.

Munay: Love directed through the personal will but beyond the needs of the self; the capacity for empathy and selflessness.

Sami: It is the light living energy. It is the refined energy that we draw in from the cosmos or Pachamama to empower ourselves. The light force energy, the nectar of of the universe.

Shamanic Healing. Drum on the downs

Shamanic practitioners use a variety of interventions to support people's healing.

The Illumination can help clear deep energy imprints held in the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and the cells of the body. Often these energy imprints cause repeated negative cyclical patterns causing emotional physical and mental distress. Working with the energy system of the body this process helps open and restore the Luminous Energy Field by breaking up the heavy energy associated with these repeated patterns. This Energy healing technique helps transform these heavy energies and memories into light, and emotional wounds and issues into sources of power and knowledge. The focus is to move that energy out of the body using breath work, rattle, bodywork, visualization and intention. Often during an illumination, certain buried truths are brought to awareness, enabling a clarity of life events or choices and a release from these often-unconscious patterns. The shamanic practitioner focuses on extracting undesired energies using stones from her mesa (medicine bundle), allowing a break from limiting behaviours and beliefs that cause suffering. In some cases an illumination can lead into a soul or past life regression, if this is within your framework. 

Soul retrieval
Soul retrieval involves finding missing pieces of the person's soul, which may of split off from the person while undergoing a trauma, in psychology this phenomenon is called 'disassociation'. This trauma could be a significant event such as a car crash or a seemingly minor incident in a person's childhood, or anything in between. The shamanic practitioner or the individual journeys into the info-realm with the help of guiding spirits on a mythical journey to bring back any missing pieces of the person's soul that want to come back to the body including animal helpers and supports the client with rewriting soul contracts. The shamanic practitioner then blows one piece at a time back into the body focusing so that the soul essence fills that person's body.

Sometimes a soul retrieval can be a life-changing event for a person and a huge milestone in regaining physical, emotional and spiritual health and wholeness.

Ancestral work.
Do you feel burdened by your family history or out of place in your family, is there unfinished business with a family member who now maybe dead?
In this lineage work you pick three of your ancestors that you would like to work with. You choose three stones to represent them and you 'place' them around you in the energy field which we open up at the start of the session. You then step into each of their lives/energy fields, one by one, to find out what they still need to say to you, how was their life and what gifts they have for you. You may then want to reorganise their positions in the field relative to you and each other until you feel the lineage is reorganised, as it needs to be for you to move forward into your souls calling.

Once you have learned what gifts they have for you, you can choose whether or not to accept these gifts, and then you release your ancestors in ceremony - honouring them and what the lineage has given to you.

Seven Chakra Cleansing at a time of major change - a death during life that precedes renewal:
Are you at a point of major turning point in your life where you want to release your old beliefs and ties and way of being, to allow you to step into a new more empowered life? This could be brought about by a bereavement, a divorce, an illness, moving to a new country or any other major event. This is an extremely deep and profound piece of work and is usually a technique we use after the client has completed significant work on themselves and their shadow material. It can be life changing.

Extraction and Cord Cutting/Resetting:
Psychic daggers are one of the energetic intrusions which can cause blockages in the energy field, alongside other energetic intrustions not belonging to you including blockages from the lineages which can all be extrated. Cord cutting/resetting can be helpful to help you release negative energetic attachments to people places and situations which maybe preventing you from moving on in your life. You may find it helpful to acknowledge gifts and lessons learned prior to letting go, or not. When cutting cords to a person it does not have to mean that this person is completely removed from your life, simply the heavy energies are released.

This is typically one of the first healings I do with clients, alongside teaching you how to cleanse and strengthen your energy field using ancient healing techniques from the High Andes and the Incan tradition (see below).

Munay-ki-rites and Mesa Karpay:
During sessions it might be helpful to pass on these shamanic rites to enable the client to continue to work on themselves and transform heavy energy at home. Rites include - Healers Rites and Bands of protection amongst others. The Mesa Karpay is a shamanic initiation into the lineage from the High Andes. 

Incan energy healing:
These are a number of energy healing techniques from the high Andes and from my teachers Joan Parisi Wilcox. You can find more information on the ‘About me’ page.

Ritual and ceremony

Ceremonies & Rites include; baby naming, new home, house space clearings and installing bands of power. To request a house clearing or ceremony please send me a message via my email address - andeansacredpath@gmail.com


"I have had the privilege of having appointments with Ursula in shamanic healing, reiki and massage and every time it has been magical. Ursula is a woman full of incredible energy, love and power. Her treatments have been so meaningful and transformative that I asked her to perform a ritual for my son's naming day which she then so thoughtfully created and carried out. It was a very very special experience. I can't recommend Ursulas work highly enough. " LB, London 2020

Shamanic Healing. ceremony

Charity donation

10% of takings from this website will be donated to charity.

5% of the takings will go to support and preserve the communities in the Andes & the Amazon where these teachings come from and 5% to Mind mental health charity in memory of my great uncle James Cawley who spent over 50 years of his life in a psychiatric institution and for all of those who have suffered the stigma of mental distress.


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