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About Me. Mama Allpa

Hello, I am Ursula

Firstly I would like to thank my teachers and their teachers who have made these ancient sacred teachings available.

My teachers so far have been Evelyn Brodie CLICK HERE and George Christie CLICK HERE of Temenos Touch. Evelyn trained with Alberto Vilolldo from Four Winds Society CLICK HERE. I have also trained with Simon Buxton of Sacred Trust CLICK HERE. I am currently training with Joan Parisi Wilcox CLICK HERE author of Masters of the Living Energy, The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru. Joan has dedicated her life to preserving and teaching the purity of the Inca lineage from the high Andes. Prior to this I trained as a complementary therapist in a range of therapies including massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, nutrition and yoga (hatha and kundalini).

After close to 15 years on and off the spiritual path I finally listened to the call of the shamanic path in 2017, since my first interaction with a shaman in 2005. You don’t chose this path, it chooses you. It comes with great responsibility, hard work and changes and challenges almost every aspect of your life. Shamanism is not a path of gurus it is a path of direct revelation. In my own training I have had to face a steep descent into my most deep seated fears, my own karmic baggage, family karma and my daily human struggles. It is a lifelong path of self mastery and remembering who you really are, a drop of the great mystery and that your life is a gift from the cosmos. Now I am helping others peel back layers as I continue on this lifelong path of self discovery, mastery, learning and spiritual development. This is not an easy path but it is deeply rewarding and transformative if you do the work.

In my day job I work and have trained as a mental health social worker for an inner city London Borough, I am also an approved mental health professional and work within psychiatric and general hospitals assessing individuals who are acutely mentally unwell, key to my practice is a commitment to human rights understanding various legal frameworks, social models of mental health and the multiple social racial and cultural disparities that can be involved in a persons situation. 

Qualifications and Ongoing Learning:

Current Studies:
Currently I am involved in an ongoing study group with Joan Parisi Wilcox author of Masters of the Living Energy and Christina Allen of Austin Shamanic Centre, via Zoom.

Completed studies:

PGDip Advanced Mental Health Practice - 2023. University of Bournemouth. Ongoing post graduate training specialising in mental health social work.

Masters in Andean Mystical Tradition - 2021. Learnt work of Tala Lorenzo, a master of the Kallawaya tradistion of the Ticaca lake basin of Bolivia with Joan Parisi Wilcox, via Zoom. Bolivia was once part of the Inca tawantinsuyu. These teachings teaches you how to walk and work in a cosmos of living energy, seeding the energies to becomes a teqse paqo or universal paqo (high fourth level) empowered by pachamama and cosmic beings such as planets, mikey way, galaxies and stars. 

Foundation in Andean Mystical Tradition - 2020. Sacred arts training in the Andean Mystical tradition with Joan Parisi Wilcox author of Masters of the Living Energy, via Zoom. The training as we learnt it covers the teachings of two lineages, the Inkari and the Waskar lineages as passed on to Juan Nuñez del Prado by three celebrated masters of the last century - Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Andres Espinosa, and Don Melchor Dosa. Joan lives in North Carolina and has dedicated her life to preserving the purity of the Inca mystic lineage of the high Andes. Joan's teachers are Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son don Ivan. Juan Nuñez del Prado, an anthropologist mystic and past university professor, is the foremost expert in the world on the Andean mystical tradition and the Q'ero Indians of Peru. His father, Oscar also an anthropologist and university professor, 'discovered' the Q'ero, the last descendants of the Inca in 1949.

Temenos Touch - student and facilitator 2017-2019. Temenos Touch blends a weaving of teachings primarily from the Q’ero of Peru, also Shippibo Indians of the Amazon, north coast of Peru and First Nations Shaman’s of the America’s.

Sacred Trust - 2018. Completed the foundation course in The Shaman's Pathway with Simon Bruxton. Simon introduces participants to the basic principles and praxes of cross-cultural and classical shamanism. I was taught techniques for finding, working with and integrating helping spirits, in animal and human form, to provide guidance, insight and healing, which can be used for the self and for others.

Reiki Master (Usui), through Reiki Master Evelyn Brodie @7, 2018 and through Reiki Master Maureen Gillien in Cork Ireland 2004

Reiki level 2 (Usui), through Reiki Master Evelyn Brodie @7, 2018 and through Reiki Master Maureen Gillien in Cork Ireland 2004

MA/PGD Social Work, Brunel University West London 2009

Certificate of Completion Yoga Instructor Fundamentals, Contemporary Yoga, Cork Ireland 2004

Reiki level 1 (Usui), through Reiki Master Maureen Gillien in Cork Ireland 2003

Multiple ITEC Diplomas in Complementary Therapies, Cork College of Commerce, Ireland 2002-2004. Including - Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Indian Head Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, Foundation in Counselling.

BA English and History, National College of Galway, Ireland 1998


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